OFFSET – The Creative Summary

What a wonderful way to celebrate 10 years of creative inspiration – we certainly soaked it all up. Here is our highlights from OFFSET 2019.

According to Ciarán Ó Gaora, Zero-G, working with international clients is a series of conversations and building international relationships from current ones. It’s about having the confidence to maintain long distance relationships.

David Wall talked about the very core of design and looking at design in a conceptual, meaningful matter. They talked about their search for harmony and meaning in the conflict because they balance each other out.

They referenced William Morris saying ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’  Referencing back to design that it should be both useful and beautiful.

What an inspiring talk on process and the design journey!

This was an inspiring thought for us! So many ideas come and go, time to document those moments of genius.

The typography legend Bruno Maag inspired us with his process in designing type and the level of detail that goes into it. Everything is relative, and by that he meant everything, but mostly about the sizing of letters and how they correlate to each other.

He concluded with a plee for designers to stop using light fonts in digital landscapes, he has a point.

This talk certainly blew us away and had us scribbling like mad. Carol captured the crowd from the outset promising eight lessons to a creative life and well, she delivered. She talked about the importance of detail and being obsessed with it and how that is what the client appreciates.

‘Not everyone can do what you do, you are a creative, lateral thinker, there’s value in that’ – this certainly is something we hold dear, thank you Carol.

Her 8 tips were;

–       Be obsessive

–       Don’t stop

–       Get paid

–       Everything changes (use technology as a tool to help with your ideas)

–       You’re not that great (strive to be better always)

–       Surround yourself with people who are better than you

–       Be careful what you wish for

–       Don’t get comfortable

She concluded by saying that ‘it’s ok to doubt yourself and when you do, ask for help, because it can only get better from there’

Matts talk had us grabbing for our sketch books! Just to create for the love of creating. Create projects you would like to work on – simple! (now hand us the sketch books!)

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