Elevate your business into a brand


Without being aware of what your brand stands for, it’s impossible to choose colours & fonts that ‘speak’ to your audience.


Knowing what your brand stands for & defining how you communicate is an important step in building a brand that your customers grow to love & trust.

Visual Strategy

First impressions are so important for any business. The same as when you meet someone in person, the first impressions of your brand matter greatly.

Elevating your business into a brand by helping you discover your online brand message & brand potential for your business. 

MAKER ELEVATE was born out of wanting to help small business owners to really take a step back and to look at their brand. How they are communicating, is it consistent? Do their target audience understand what they are selling?

MAKER ELEVATE is a programme designed for small businesses that would like a more cohesive and consistent brand that builds trust & loyalty with their customers. The programme looks at your brand as a whole to see how you are communicating what your brand does and what it stands for.


Save Time By Building a Consistent Brand

In this episode we explore why investing in a consistent brand can save you time in the long run for your business, with guest speaker, Jing Reilly.


Making the Right First Impression – Brand Consistency

Consistency in design is a way to solidify a customer’s first impression of a brand.
In this episode, we chat about the importance of a good first impression, and how we only get one!
Featuring guest speaker Jing Reilly.

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Did you know?

…that being consistent with how you present your brand to your customers can increase revenue by up to 23% and can increase the brand recognition by up to 80%?

Source: Forbes Magazine