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Defining Your Brand
Online Workshop

This workshop was born out of helping business owners to really take a step back and to look at their brand. How they are communicating, is it consistent? Do their target audience understand what they are selling?

100% of workshop attendees found it helpful to their business journey.

This workshop looks at your brand as a whole to see how you are communicating what your brand does and what it stands for.

Discover the potential of your brand.

Benefits of a one to one workshop

It is time to reflect ON your business and brand with live feedback.

Insight from MAKER’s Creative Director Kate O’Moore bespoke to your brand.

Two heads are better than one in any brainstorming process, so let us help you in a live one-to-one.

A check up on your brand and a chance to reflect on it.

Our one to one workshops are priced by the following;

One to One – €250.00
2 team members: €150.00 pp
3-4 team members: €125.00 pp
5+ team members: €100.00 pp

To arrange your bespoke one to one Defining Your Brand workshop, please email us at to arrange a date.
Prices exclude VAT of 21%.

What is involved in this online workshop?

You will be guided through simple exercises to help you have a clear vision of what your brand is and how to best communicate what you do. You will be guided through the workshop to give you tips & tools that will really help you in your everyday brand communication.

What will I learn on this workshop?

– Learn the importance of brand consistency
– Time to work ON your business brand message
– Leave with questions to ask yourself about your business to keep progressing

How long is the workshop?

This online workshop is delivered in two ways, either in a one to one session (2.5hrs) or you can watch it in your own time our the self-learning option (coming March 2021)

What is included in the workshop?

When you sign up to the workshop you will receive your copy of the Defining Your Brand E-workbook which is a helpful tool to fill in as you go through the guided exercises. This is helpful to look back on to have your brand planning together in one document.

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Workshop Reviews

Kate delivered a clever, distilled amount of information and led us through a series of challenging exercises. I left the room with all the right questions to ask myself in order to make my brand unforgettable.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone with a new or existing business to market.


Eric Nieudan, Writer, Game Designer,
Founder at Desks & Dragons

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

Kate has a unique style in facilitating her branding workshops that is both relaxed and engaging. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; as an already established business, it made me re-evaluate the branding choices we had made and helped me to understand the importance of every touch point for our brand. 

I would highly recommend it for all businesses, new and already established, and challenge you not to find your mind opened by the experience.

Anne Gallagher, Founder,
The Beauty Kit

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

As a business strategist, it was a true eye-opener for me, which helped me transform my brand vision successfully.

Plenty of invaluable tips and creative solutions were shared to help us understand the questions that play a crucial role in our brands & business success.

I would recommend it to individuals who want to start building their personal brand with confidence and to every business owner who wants to reach their full potential by defining their brand successfully.

Magda Kuraczowska,
FAB Mentor & Connector

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

In this workshop, Kate gets to the heart of how you can create your brand and be consistent, with a no nonsense step by step approach she demystified the process. If you’re thinking about either creating or switching up your brand, I highly recommend this session.

Lucy Murphy
Social Media Consultant

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

The Defining Your Brand Workshop, has given me all the tips and tools to work with my brand, analyse what I have done so far and think of all the improvements could be implemented.

Diana Riquel
My Tea Workshop

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

Kate is a very good communicator and has a very clear vision of branding and the influence of such on your marketing needs. She makes the branding process less daunting and sets out clear and easy pathway to achieving your goals.

John Wickham
Hello EV!

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

I attended the “Defining Your Brand” workshop delivered by Maker’s Creative Director, Kate O’Moore. She presented many brand concepts and then worked through practical examples to help us apply the learning. A really worthwhile session that I highly recommend.

Moira Dunne
Be Productive

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

I found this workshop incredibly useful as a small start up. It made me think about the language and the emotional side of my brand. I was given time to talk through ideas and received immediate help and feedback. I would highly recommend this workshop to someone who is starting their own business, as you will gain direction on where to bring your brand.

Karen Kearney

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

MAKER’s Defining Your Brand Workshop provided me with the chance to think about my business’s brand in a new, more disciplined way. This is a very practical workshop which gives business owners practical tools and exercises to figure out their brand identity, with Kate’s expert guidance.

I would definitely recommend this workshop to other business owners who aren’t sure where to start when it comes to defining their brands. Kate’s patience and willingness to share her knowledge created a great learning environment and she ensured that all the business owners had the space to discuss their businesses.

Meadhbh Hand
Copy by Hand

Defining Your Brand Workshop Attendee

I can’t recommend Kate’s workshop highly enough! It’s been an absolute pleasure to learn from someone so passionate and knowledgeable about design and I’ve got so much out of this session. I now have pages of notes and ideas to implement for my own brand! Many thanks Kate!

Anna Kozielska
Anya Design Studio

fellow LEO WIBN Network member

Did you know that being consistent with how you present your brand to your customers can increase revenue by up to 23% and can increase the brand recognition by up to 80%?

Source: Forbes Magazine

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