Always Judge A Book By Its Cover

In 2019, brands are expected by customers to provide an experience, be that online or offline.

Your packaging represents your brand just as much as your website, business cards, employees and in-store/online store. Well designed packaging is a way to continuing to advertise your product, long after its left the shelf.

There is so much choice available to consumers, that the importance of standing out is greater than ever. Standing out doesn’t have to mean screaming at customers through harsh graphics. Simple, well considered designs is how we like to design at MAKER. It’s not just about how it looks but also how it feels, to hold, to use to open.

It’s a whole experience.

We recently visited the German Design Fair and the German Design Awards in Frankfurt. Here we saw the best awarded packaging and book cover designs in Europe.

Well designed packaging draws attention to your brand and according to the Business Insider, an impression of a product is made in less than 7 seconds. Is your product dressed to impress in seven seconds?

When your product packaging has been tastefully designed, it helps your product to be easily recognised when a customer comes back to purchase it a second time – be memorable.

40% of all customers would share the packaging or unboxing experience on social media if it appealed to them or was ‘gift like’. (Source –

Is your product dressed to impress in seven seconds? Chat to us about your packaging project

Here are some examples of our favourite packaging and cover designs at the

German Design Awards 2019;


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