Advertising Strategy – Being where the conversation begins

Within the Irish culture, our courage and plans usually stem from a few pints with friends creating locked in promises of hiking trips or sun holidays. The conversation was created here, the seed has been planted. Could a relevant ad here encourage a call to action or at least create traffic from the bullseye target market to the relevant travel site. The pub is one example of where conversations begin. Advertising is typically featured everywhere from large billboards down to our newsfeeds. The ads that we see have been thoroughly thought through usually about ad placement, target audience, time of day etc. but have you ever thought about where your target audience should first experience your brand?

Product placements work well together such nappies beside baby formula, for example, or ice/crisps beside alcohol, but what about what it comes to services? You can’t be all places at once. Therefore being in the right place right time is crucial for service led industries.

Being where the conversation begins is the smartest way to advertise in terms of striking the iron while its hot per say. Your target audiences first exposure to your brand would be most effective at a time when there is intent to purchase or use your service.

It is about being one step ahead a knowing your audience well enough to know where they first should experience your brand/service.

Another example could be that typically conversations about the TV series watched the night previous is discussed with work friends/colleagues the next morning. What do most people pick on their way to work? A takeaway coffee. Would an ad placement on a takeaway cup would help evoke the conversation and attract more fans to the show?

Where is your target audience talking? Be where the conversation relevant to your business begins. Speak to your audience directly by being there at the right moment.

Food for thought…


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